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Shared sets and other sundries


The Collective

A three-hour live DJ set for The Collective weekly event (held at Matador Cantina and then Front Street / Back Alley, Fullerton CA).

  • The Collective (Jun 4, 2018) : MP3


Limited edition hand-crafted CD-R release, recorded on two separate nights at the Loungeometry weekly event (held at Kettle and the Keg from 2005-2007 in Fullerton, CA).

  • Disc 1 : Loungeometry 30 (Nov 30, 2006) : WAV : FLAC : MP3
  • Disc 2 : Loungeometry 23 (Nov 23, 2006) : WAV : FLAC : MP3


For about a year I was a resident DJ and wacko electro-acoustic IDM artist with this promotion collective, playing at a small but well-furnished club on a corner near Wicker Park. We also did underground and warehouse parties, I performed live for art installations and gallery events quite often; you can hear one of these “live PA” sets on bandcamp. These are two DJ sets when I played at the club.

Club Bigwig, 2001.10.18

A very eclectic set that shifts between minimalism, dub, experimental, ambient, and deep house.

  • Synesthesia @ Bigwig (Oct 18, 2001) : WAV : FLAC : MP3

Club Bigwig, 2001.11.08

A rare trip-hop, idm, drum-n-bass, two-step outing. I play stuff like this plenty, but I think this might be the only recording of a full breakbeat set. Later on I started getting much more stylistically diverse.

  • Synesthesia @ Bigwig (Nov 8, 2001) : WAV : FLAC : MP3

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