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Rivers of Opposites

Repeat incidents are a Yin-Yang thing


5-Minute Read

The story of repeat incidents feels a lot like this. They were not the same, they repeated themselves, they contained failure, they contained success, they looked familiar and comfortable, they looked unrecognizable and scary, they held discovery and enlightenment, they brought ambiguity and fear, we had all the right observability, we had nothing before us…

Response Conductor: the new IC?

Complex systems need flexible response more than central control


6-Minute Read

As part of my job as SRE Advocate, I am responsible for our “Continuous Improvement” and “Applied Resilience Engineering” programs. Those are two very big words for teacher and coach. I love this work and sometimes believe I missed a calling not going into Music Education, although I am drawing heavily from my music background to do it. More so than ever before.

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