Tangent and an Improv Rig

The synth used for my Feb 8 show at Dangerous Curve, incorporated in my live electro-acoustic rig. There’s a last.fm video of the show that actually has pretty decent sound!

What you see below is my homebuilt synth (three square wave oscillators fed through dual 2-pole lowpass filters, each metal box has an engage switch, tone control, and cutoff frequency) fed through (or not) a Boss AW-3 dynamic wah filter, an acoustic guitar contact microphone fed through (or not) an Audiobulb FZ-Bulb, a pocket shortwave radio, several found objects (near and in the tin can), and behind that a Line6 DL4, Electrix Repeater, Alesis Quadraverb and Behringer Xenyx 1622 mixer. Oh and the white box on the front is a small music box, plus there’s a second one without a cover underneath the tin polka-dotted ratchet.

One reason I use hardware is because I am drawn to the tangibility of performing music, of relaying mind and body energy through my relationship with the instrument at hand. I can dive directly into the creation of experience as the gear becomes extensions for expression.