New Releases on Metatron: Joe Zitt, GWME

Metatron Press has re-released a few more recordings on

  • Gusty Winds May Exist consists of Comma member Tom Bickley on recorders and electronics with Nancy Beckman on shakuhachi. This is the first in a series of three releases by each member of Comma with hand-made packaging and album design by Joe Zitt.
  • All Souls is a vocal improv collaboration between Joe and Tom.

Check out these rare recordings, some brilliant improvisation and collaboration here!

More Metatron Press music to come… this year is the 10th anniversary of Comma’s (voices), we’re working on a remix album to be released as the original is re-released in digital format on

T Spigot is rearing its burroughsian head once again

My favorite live downtempo band – T Spigot – is back in action this year, and to start it off they’re offering the limited edition first pressing of Experiments in the Hypnotic Production of Crime, available through paypal for a measly $5, so go get it!

The bonus is that this version of the album includes the remix of dubnbud which they did for the 12″ release of Trolling for Olives.

The version released on Water Music didn’t include it, probably for licensing/copyright reasons imposed by Water, but it’s not exactly clear why.

At any rate, I’m glad those guys are getting the CD version out there, because it’s a great remix, and the entire album is one of my favorites of the genre.

New Release: Density Operator

Behold the appalling beautiful world of Density Operator now available on Stadtgruen.

“The title is program: everything in this world seems to be under pressure in order to extract the highest concentration of agility. Computer sounds are algorithms, just another form of mathematical strings. Thus the densification of sound works by finding the shortest possible expression.”

Music on this album picked its own paths and themes as it emerged from ideas I’ve had about quantum mechanics and atomic theory, and how the same conceptual mindspace is occupied by the intense spontaneity of improvisation.

Album art done by Walter Montes de Oca is a spectacular accompaniment to the sound, merging organization and chaos in a beautifully simple manner.

There’s some nice things being written about the album: