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I’m usually happening upon all kinds of things while I’m across the Internets for work or play, and I’ll document the more interesting and pertinent ones here on sounding.com.

I keep my own list of interesting Audio Hardware, as well as links to useful Audio Software, a lot of which centers around open source or DIY.

Check out Audio Culture for general experimental audio society.

Get Some is my list of “obtaining” art and sound across the Internet, both pay-sites and places you can get free stuff.

Last but not least, I try to keep a tally of enticing online Music Labels where I’ve enjoyed releases and projects. Most of these are of the “netlabel” type and I’ve put some of my favorites at the top; the remaineder are those I tag with delicious.

Enjoy the links and don’t hesitate to drop me a line to suggest something.

New Release: Material

MaterialSince this release came out while my blog was unavailable, thought I would shout it out that a new Craque album called Material is available on Kahvi Collective! From the website:

“Guest artist craque arrives on Kahvi Collective with a unique blend of textures and IDM elements. Five track ‘Material’ verges on the style of ‘MigloJE’. Torus Europa sets the scene with its lush, drawn out passages of sound and textures and leads into the interesting ‘strawberry jam’, an atonal melody drawing on a paced bass line which makes a nice combination and the extraordinary ‘organum’ (my personal favourite of this release) with ‘that’ sample hook that fits so well with the rest of the track. a great first release from craque, perhaps we`ll see more from him in the future?”

I think probably so there will be more Craque appearing at Kahvi, and hopefully others real soon!

New Release: Density Operator

Behold the appalling beautiful world of Density Operator now available on Stadtgruen.

“The title is program: everything in this world seems to be under pressure in order to extract the highest concentration of agility. Computer sounds are algorithms, just another form of mathematical strings. Thus the densification of sound works by finding the shortest possible expression.”

Music on this album picked its own paths and themes as it emerged from ideas I’ve had about quantum mechanics and atomic theory, and how the same conceptual mindspace is occupied by the intense spontaneity of improvisation.

Album art done by Walter Montes de Oca is a spectacular accompaniment to the sound, merging organization and chaos in a beautifully simple manner.

There’s some nice things being written about the album: